Monday, October 18, 2004


TWO Goddamn lying sons of bitches that haven't had a dose of reality their entire fucking life. PLEASE! HOW CAN YOU LEAD US IF YOU ARE NOT LIKE US? Us. Me. The masses. The people that work stupid fucking jobs all goddamn day. Why are all of our fucking politicians wealthy? Just wealthy. It is all they know. WEALTH. You lie about what really goes on but I can't PROVE it! You make policies that affect millions and you have no idea what the daily life of us minions is like. WE DIDN'T GO TO HARVARD. We were the ones serving you your fucking food and doing your goddamn laundry. I WANT A FUCKING POLITICIAN THAT KNOWS WHAT POVERTY IS! I want a fucking politican that HAS BEEN TO THE GROCERY STORE! Is this asking so much? GO. GET IT FOR ME. It is time for our country to led by someone that actually had to WORK for their college education. I want THEM in office.


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